Beaches in Asturias Spain | My top 10

Beaches in Asturias Spain









The 10 beaches below are some my favorite beaches in Asturias and Cantabria, Spain  There are many many more to choose from but my list includes different types of beaches ones and ones which I personally visit often with friends and friends.


La Franca Beach Asturias

La Franca Beach, Asturias

La Franca is a family favorite and only a 5 minute drive from our rental house in Asturias. It is a large beach with white sand surrounded by green wooded hills. It is a great beach for kids as it is sheltered so it is easy to swim there. There are also lots caves and rock pools to explore. The only building close to the beach the Arcea Hotel Mirador de la Franca where you can have a nice lunch. Alternatively it is a great spot for a picnic or if you are staying at our house it is easy to pop back home for lunch.

San Vicente de la Barquera Beach Cantabria Spain

San Vicente De La Barquera Beach, Cantabria

Is a very long sandy beach which is situated just over the border in Cantabria. On a clear day you have spectacular views of the Picos de Europa. Although the surf at the beach can get quite large there are spots where swimming is safe. Beach is also well patrolled by life guards.

For surfing and body boarding this is one of the best beaches.
There is plenty of space for games and it will never get over crowded even in mid summer.

The main center of San Vicente de la Barquera is only a short walk from the beach where you can find a good selection of reasonably priced restaurants.


Buelna Beach Asturias Spain


Buelna Beach, Asturias

La playa de Buelna is a small but lovely beach. This beach is a little bit more hidden away than some of the other beaches listed here and for that reason you will tend to find more locals on the beach rather than tourists.

It is a small sandy secluded beach great for families with small children. There aren’t any shops or restaurants near by so it is better to take a picnic with you.

You can access the beach by car are alternatively walk to it by using the coastal path which runs from Unquera to Llanes.

Pechon Beach Cantabria Spain

Pechon Beach, Cantabria

There is quite a descent to arrive to Pechon beach  but it is worth the trip. Make sure you you don’t visit during high tide because there is very little beach to see.

It is a beautiful beach with lots of small rock pools for kids to explore and is good for swimming although sometimes you can get strong currents there.

Pechon itself is a nice village and has some nice restaurants which offer menu del dia and tapas.
niembro beach asturias spain

Niembro Beach, Asturias

Niembro is one of my favorite beaches. To arrive to the parking you have to drive through the little lanes of the village of Niembro. When you arrive at the top of the village you descend into green fields where you can park your car. The beach is only a short walk. It is a really natural beach great for swimming and does not get too overcrowded.

You can also drive up to the hill that overlooks the beach and get amazing view along the Cantabrian coast.

torimbia beach asturias spain


Torimbia Beach, Asturias

On the other side of the hill you have the playa of Torimbia. Again the beach is set in beautiful natural surroundings and is probably one off if not the most stunning beaches in Asturias. The beach is frequented by nudists but if you don’t fancy taking everything off there is no problem and many people go there are not nudists.

poo beach asturias spain


Poo Beach, Asturias 

The place does definitely not reflect the name and the only thing you will find here is crystal blue water and soft white sand!

La playa de Poo is 3 km from Llanes in Asturias. It is a great beach for families because it is very sheltered and great for swimming. There are also 2 good restaurants right next to the beach so you can easily spend the whole day there.

barro beach asturias spain


Barro Beach, Asturias

Barro is another great beach about 5 Km’s from Llanes. It can get busier in the summer but it is still definitely worth a visit and the the town is very nice. It is another great beach for families.
Ballota Beach Asturias Spain


Ballota Beach, Asturias

It a stunning white sandy beach that is situated east of Llanes.

toro beach asturias spain


Toro Beach, Asturias 

Is only only a short walk from fishing town of Llanes. The beach is small  and sheltered  and has lots of rock pools to discover.